NOVA Team Profile: Bob Koeppen

By | April 27, 2013

Bob Koeppen runs the 2013 Cherry Blossom 10 Mile (photo courtesy Justin Buenaflor)

Bob played varsity baseball and basketball in high school and never had an interest in running unless he was late for something.  Into his twenties, he was mildly active which allowed him to stay fairly fit.  Fast forward 10 years, married with one child and working 55-60 hours a week at a New York investment bank, Bob had become “pleasantly plump.” At about the same time, he and his family relocated to Alexandria to be closer to his wife’s family and was also given the opportunity to work from home.  Bob decided that this was a good time to start losing some weight and decided to give running a shot.  In order to make sure he was sticking to a workout routine, he signed up for a local 5k and was surprised when he broke 20 minutes after only a couple of months of running every other day.  At the age of 35, Bob became hooked and slowly increased his miles and lowered his 5k time to 18:15 and ran a 10 miler in 61:40.  He knew if he was going to continue to get better he would need some help from a coach and a team.  Bob found NOVA and Coach Jerry online one day and the rest is history.  After just one season with NOVA and the sage advice of Coach Jerry, he lowered his 5k PR almost another minute to 17:17 and far exceeded his goal of breaking 60 minutes at the Cherry Blossom 10 miler by running 58:43.  Bob‘s goals are to stay injury free and to continue to lower his PRs, while also trying a marathon.

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