Myrtle Beach Half Marathon: Race Recap by Stephanie Lundeby

By | March 6, 2016

Stephanie Lundeby finished first in her age group and sixth overall in the 2016 Myrtle Beach Half Marathon held on March 5, 2016, in a PR time of 1:24:30.

I felt really good and fairly relaxed for most of the race. There was wind to our backs and a slight downhill for most of the first 7 miles. At mile 8-11 there was a stronger than expected head wind and some small rollers/false flats. I could feel the change in my legs muscles and was having to definitely put more effort in to keep close to 6:30 pace. At that point I realized I was really glad that I had let myself roll with 6:25 pace for the first 10K or so because it was going to be really hard to pick it up steadily enough to cut down the time like I originally planned. I was even drafting off of two short guys for a mile or so around mile 9 because the wind was making me work much harder than I should have been at that point. Drafting did make a little bit of a difference. I could tell my heart rate wasn’t sky rocketing as high when I was drafting.

At mile 11.5 we cut back inland towards the finish. I had hoped that with the wind out of our faces that I would be able to start hammering. But my legs were getting pretty heavy at that point. I knew if I wasn’t careful with my energy that I would be slogging across the finish. Which is what I felt like I was doing even though I sort of picked it up. I kept thinking, “don’t look shameful crossing the finish line.”

I finished 6th overall. My official time was 1:24:30. Overall I am really pleased with my pacing and how it all turned out. I didn’t finish with that feeling of “I should have pushed harder at a certain point.”

Thank you, Jerry for all your advice, encouragement, and believing in me even when I might doubt myself. Best coach ever award goes to you!