Coach Jerry Alexander Featured In ‘Faces of Pacers’

By | May 30, 2016


Our very own Coach Jerry Alexander was profiled in this week’s Pacers Running Faces of Pacers feature page.Here is an excerpt:

As a coach, my goal is to make the athletes I work with the best they can be. I coach athletes with the Pacers//GRC- New Balance team and the Northern Virginia Running Club. I have learned over years of working with elites and all comers that everyone is the same, there are not two different species of runners out there; the fast people are just faster.

I love to be around the sport of running and feel at home at a track meet. Before I was a coach I would go watch meets; now it is a lot more fun to have athletes in them. Coaching GRC allows me to work with athletes and allows me to practice law to support my family. I get to work with really high level, self-motivated, athletes and help make them even better.

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