2016 NOVA Running Club Selected Individual Awards

By | January 18, 2017

From MVP to Rookie of the year, the four 2016 NOVA Running Club Individual Award winners each stand out. NOVA Coach Jerry Alexander provides his breakdown of the four award winners below: Congratulations to Philip Rector, Andrea Hamlen-Ridgely, Nene Reed and Kevin Welch!

NOVA Running Club 2016
Men’s MVP - Philip Rector
Phil is an outstanding talent--he still holds the school record at Slippery Rock in the 800 meters--After a few years away from competition, in 2016 he made a strong transition to longer distances on the roads, running consistently in the low to mid 17 minute range for 5k. Phil is on the cusp of a major breakthrough, and he will run much faster in 2017 as he continues to build strength and regain fitness. Phil is a constant presence at practice, and has been instrumental in helping NOVA to develop a solid group of A-level men.
NOVA Running Club 2016
Women’s MVP - Andrea Hamlen-Ridgley
Andrea had a stellar 2016, running a huge marathon PR of 3:16:20 in Richmond. That breakthrough was the product of months of hard work. Andrea is at practice every week, giving it everything she's got, and her enthusiasm during workouts is contagious. She's highly motivated to continue to improve, and I expect to see great things from her going forward. Andrea is the in-coming NOVA Vice President, so she will contribute to the success of the team behind the scenes as well.
NOVA Running Club 2016
Coach’s Award - Nene Reed
Nene has been a critical part of NOVA's growth in the past year through his outstanding work on social media and gear procurement. When new members introduce themselves at practice, Erin always asks them how they found out about NOVA, and they invariably say they found us on the web, or they saw us at a road race. Nene is responsible for our success in both of those areas by constantly updating the blog and other social media outlets, and by ordering the gear that makes us stand out at races. In addition, Nene had a great year as a runner, which was highlighted by his huge PR in the marathon, when he ran 3:29 at Richmond, a mere two weeks after his debut (in 3:54) at Marine Corps.
NOVA Running Club 2016
Rookie of the Year - Kevin Welch

When Kevin joined NOVA in 2016, he was a veteran marathoner who could not break through the 3:35 barrier, no matter how hard he tried. In his two marathons since he started training with NOVA, and with the benefit of personal attention from Coach Erin, he has improved dramatically, going 3:24 in the spring at Shamrock, an 11 minute PR, and then 3:17 in the fall at Philly, for a total improvement in one year of a remarkable 18 minutes. That is proof that you're never too old to do something special, and we're going to see more great performances from Kevin going forward.