NOVA Featured Runner: Noel Adams

By | March 27, 2017

Fresh from his PR performance in the DC Rock N Roll half marathon, NOVA Running Club would like to recognize Noel Adams as the NOVA Featured Runner!

From Coach Jerry: Noel has been a great addition to the team. He’s got a lot of talent, as demonstrated by his impressive PRs from his college days, and he’s putting in the work to get back to a high level of competition. Noel has a great attitude, and I’m looking forward to seeing continued improvement from him over the months to come.

1) What are your PRs (5k, 10K, any others?)

Mile: 4:33

2 mile: 9:55

5K: 15:55

5 miles: 27:14

10K: 33:45

Half Marathon: 1:32.01 (2017 DC RnR Half)

2) Goal race(s) for this year? Other races planned?

My main goal race this year is the Richmond Marathon in November, which will be my first marathon. I’m also looking forward to the Parkway Classic and will likely do a half in the fall.

3) What do you consider your best race performance to date?

My best race performance was when I set my 5K PR (15:55) back in the 1990s. What stands out from the race was not just the PR, but also the effort. On that day, I was able to push well beyond my normal pain threshold, and that was almost as rewarding as the PR.

4) How and when did you find NOVA, and what do you like best about the team?

I found NOVA through an online search for a running group in early 2016. I had just started running again after many years of only running occasionally. I ran cross country and track in high school and college, and missed everything about running.

NOVA is such an interesting mix of people of different backgrounds, ages, and running abilities. What I like most about the team is the culture of healthy competition. We all work hard to improve as runners, but also encourage and support each other along the way.

5) What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received from Coach Jerry?

When I first approached Coach Jerry about my goal times, he was honest about the big hill I have to climb, but also very encouraging. The other excellent piece of advice he gave me was to have Erin coach me.

6) What thoughts do you have on your performance at the DC RnR Half, or other recent races?

Given where I am now in my training, I’m pleased with my performance at the DC RnR Half. I think I ran a smart race, and I felt strong until the last hill before the finish. After the hill on Rock Creek Parkway, I picked up the pace and passed a number of people. Greg’s detailed race tips in the newsletter were spot on.

Now that DC RnR is behind me, I’m planning to increase my mileage to build a more solid foundation for marathon training this summer and fall. My long-term goals are to run in the low to mid 1:20s for a half, and sub 3 hours for a marathon. I know I’ve got a lot of hard work ahead of me, but I’m looking forward to it. It’s good to be back!

7) What non-running fitness related (or other) activities do you enjoy?

I’m married and have twin daughters, so whenever I’m not working or running, I’m spending time with my family. There’s not much time for anything else! But, when I do have time, I like to play drums (years ago I was in a rock band). Also, I’m a DC United and MLS soccer fan. In terms of non-running fitness activities, I try to do core strengthening exercises a couple of times a week.