2017 NOVA Running Club Selected Individual Awards

By | January 15, 2018

From MVP to Rookie of the year, the four 2017 NOVA Running Club Individual Award winners each stand out. NOVA Coach Jerry Alexander provides his breakdown of the four award winners below: Congratulations to Greg Swiatocha, Jessica McGuire, Robbie Brusso and Lindsey Swansen!

NOVA Running Club 2017
Men’s MVP - Greg Swiatocha
Greg had a superb year of racing at a wide range of distances, running 16:57 for 5k, 33:59 for 10k, 59:36 for 10 miles, 1:14:58 for the half marathon, and capped off his year with a PR of 2:44:21 in the marathon. Greg worked hard for his success, and his marathon PR was particularly well-earned. Greg is the leader of the burgeoning NOVA men’s A group, and his consistent excellence is a model for his teammates. Off the track, Greg’s first year as NOVA president was an unqualified success, as he has built off the work of his predecessor and continued to establish NOVA as the preeminent open team in the DC area. We all owe Greg a debt of thanks for his excellent work behind the scenes, and he will continue to lead the team forward in 2018.
NOVA Running Club 2017
Women’s MVP - Jessica McGuire
It is impossible to overstate the magnitude of Jess’s performance at the California International Marathon, where she ran 2:43:55, and qualified for the 2020 Olympic Trials Marathon. That humongous PR is without question the greatest performance ever by a NOVA athlete, and was the culmination of more than two years of tireless training and relentless dedication. It also was the triumph of Jess’s belief in herself. Jess set an audacious goal of qualifying for the Trials at a time when nothing in her background suggesting that she was capable of hitting the standard. But despite the extremely long odds, Jess trained like a woman with something to prove, and she put herself in a position to succeed at CIM. On race day, Jess pursued the goal of qualifying for the Trials with complete commitment, knowing that she risked the ignominious fate of falling apart late in the race. Jess proved that dreams can come true if you pursue them with sufficient vigor, and she is a shining example of what a motivated athlete can accomplish.
NOVA Running Club 2017
Coach’s Award - Robbie Brusso
Robbie earned the Coach’s Award through his consistency, dedication, and dogged pursuit of a lofty goal. In the spring, Robbie ran a PR of 3:07:16 at Grandmas Marathon, and after that excellent performance, he was determined to break 3 hours in the fall. His training was outstanding, and he was fit to meet his goal, as he demonstrated with his superb 1:22:02 half marathon in Richmond. Robbie gave it his all at CIM, but fell just short, running 3:00:41.While Robbie was disappointed to come so close, his race at CIM was a PR of over six minutes, and proved that Robbie is ready to break the 3 hour barrier the next time out.
NOVA Running Club 2017
Rookie of the Year - Lindsey Swansen

Lindsey made remarkable progress during her rookie year with NOVA. Lindsey ran a PR of 3:47:18 at the DC Rock N Roll Marathon in March, and decided that she wanted to see where her ability could take her in that event. After an excellent summer of training, she had a humongous breakthrough in October, running 3:25:49 at Wineglass, a PR of a remarkable 21 minutes. But Lindsey was not done, and in November she had another major breakthrough, running 3:18:08 in Richmond. Lindsey’s improvement of more than 29 minutes in eight months is truly outstanding, and something tells me she’s just getting started.