DC Rock And Roll 1/2 Marathon 2018 – Race Report by Jordan Meaker

By | March 12, 2018

Wait so running can really be fun and strategical?

So I ran the DC Rock and Roll half marathon today. As you know last year I lost more than half of the season to injuries. I’m still a long way away from the shape I was in early last year but slowly getting there, day by day.
Anyways I decided to officially sign up for the race last Saturday night quite reluctantly I might add, with some pressure from my family. I’ve been talking about the race for a long time but hadn’t decided to sign up for fear of hurting my leg again.

Since signing up I’d really been thinking over how I wanted to run the race. My plan going into the race was to run the first six miles at 8 minute pace and the last 7.1 at 7:30 pace. In training this past month since our hill tempo at Bluemont I’ve had Greg’s voice in my head saying “perceived effort”. This couldn’t have hit more at home with me, I knew that if my goal was 8 minute pace I would go up hills at 8:20 and down at 7:40 using the same effort.

Thus far in my racing career I’ve had absolutely no idea what this meant, I figured if I wanted to break 1:30 I should run a 6:52 or so each mile. Last year in the half I tried to pass Jess, my major mistake was all the hills I was attacking them instead of letting it happen and taking advantage of the downhill after it. Needless to say I was spent, she and the rest of the field last year blew past me, miles 10-13.This race I started out running back to back 7:53’s then knocked off time from there, I did run an 8:06 mile 7 but that was the hill, mile 10 I ran a 7:04 and closed with another 7:02 to finish.

Anyway I had so much fun today! I focused on my breathing and effort. I took in the sights and sounds, carried on a couple conversation with other runners (warning them about the course ahead) and was high fived fans all along the course. I knew with the energy I was saving on the hills I would be picking people off one at a time. On some hills I was chuckling and in my head saying I’ll see you soon.

By mile 10, I was passing everyone! Which in all my races has been me being passed as I was just holding on for dear life. Thanks to Erin and Greg for being there for me!! They’ve truly made running my passion.

Looking forward to my full year, I have my first full next month, the Philly half in Sept, Richmond full in Nov, and Baltimore half in December.

Can’t believe I had so much fun!