Boston Marathon 2019 – Race Report by Ben Brooks

By | April 29, 2019
Ben Brooks

I’m very pleased with my Boston Marathon performance yesterday.  It was a Boston PR, a post plantar injury PR, and my second fastest marathon time.  I awoke the morning of the marathon questioning why I was subjecting myself to another potential suffer fest like last year’s Boston (the forecast was still iffy and we had to take shelter because of thunderstorms), but quickly dispelled with that nonsense and re-framed my mind for the excitement that lay ahead.

Compared to last year, I ran the first half 2 minutes and 30 seconds slower (I kept it right at a 7 minute pace as planned and ran it at 1:31:40) and finished the second half in 1:34:09 (7:11 pace), which was over 10 minutes faster than last year for the second half.  Overall, my 3:05:49 was a 7:06 pace.

I let people pass me in the early miles.  A lot of people.  I kept telling myself that I would be passing them in the last 5K to quiet that competitive fire that otherwise would’ve led me to repeat last year’s 16 minute positive split.  I kept the pace steady and controlled until I hit the hills.  Especially starting at mile 18, those hills really took their toll on me.  I expected to attack those hills with vigor, but I was not as worthy an adversary on those hills as I would’ve hoped. I trained on hills, yet clearly I did not train enough or correctly. The sun and heat didn’t help, but I expected better regardless.

Once I was done with the hills, I picked up the pace and started picking off runners in quantities.  I recognized several people that took the fools gold of the early miles and attacked.  When I turned onto Boylston, I let it fly.  Running down Boylston Street was never so fun and the electricity of the crowd carried me to the finish line.  My last mile was my fastest of the marathon and I’m proud of how I kept it under control for the first half.