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NOVA Featured Runner: Erik Uribe

From Coach Jerry: Erik brings a passion and competitiveness to his running that is contagious. He has big goals, and he’s proven to me that he’s willing to do the hard work necessary to accomplish those goals. As our top group of men continues to expand and improve, Erik will continue to be a vocal leader of that… Read More »


NOVA puts on a 5K in the summer. By putting on a 5k race we hope to expand club membership, give back to the community, promote running and fitness, and raise visibility of our club in the area. Thank you to our contributing sponsors! Registration for the NOVA 5k is available via by visiting: 2017 Results… Read More »

NOVA Featured Runner: Evan Fallor

From Coach Jerry: Evan has been a great addition to NOVA. We’ve been building a really solid group of fast men for the last couple of years, and Evan has been a major part of that. Evan’s 26:05 8k was a huge breakthrough, and bodes really well for the fall. If Evan can build on that performance at… Read More »

NOVA Featured Runner: Christine McEvoy

From Coach Jerry:Christine had a great spring, and that was directly attributable to her new years resolution to revise her approach to training. Christine resolved that she was going to buckle down in her training, and she stuck to that resolution, and it showed in her race results. It was great to see Christine take her running so… Read More »

NOVA Featured Runner: Sue Himes

Coach Jerry: Sue is a special athlete who very much deserves to be recognized for an outstanding spring season. My biggest challenge with Sue is to convince her to do less–she’s so dedicated and so tough that, left to her own devices, she would literally run herself into the ground. But Sue is quite coachable, and she’s buying… Read More »

NOVA Featured Runner: Francis Yu

From Jerry: Francis has made great strides during his time with NOVA. It’s always gratifying for me when an athlete increases the intensity of his training, and the rewards of that hard work comes in races, and that is certainly the case with Francis, who ran a huge marathon PR at DC RNR. Francis is continuing to improve… Read More »

NOVA Featured Runner: Frank Rocha

From Jerry:Frank has made fantastic progress in his time with NOVA. His recent half marathon PR was a huge breakthrough, and that fitness is going to show in the full marathon soon. It’s really a pleasure to have Frank on the team, and I look forward to many more big PRs from him in the future. 1. What… Read More »

2017 NOVA Running Club Selected Individual Awards

From MVP to Rookie of the year, the four 2017 NOVA Running Club Individual Award winners each stand out. NOVA Coach Jerry Alexander provides his breakdown of the four award winners below: Congratulations to Greg Swiatocha, Jessica McGuire, Robbie Brusso and Lindsey Swansen!

2017 NOVA Running Club Top Performances

2017 proved to be another fantastic season for NOVA Running Club as club members collectively ran 4300 race miles. New additions and NOVA stalwarts alike helped to make 2017 a huge success for our ever-expanding club and we look to tackle the new season as we raise the bar even more in 2018. Women’s 2017 Top Performances 1.Jessica… Read More »