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NOVA Runners Compete in the 2014 Boston Marathon

The NOVA team turned out a good showing in the Boston Marathon on Monday, with gutsy performances from all our runners who entered. Leading the pack was Cory Schwartz, finishing with an outstanding time of 2:59.30. NOVA stalwart Mark Drosky also had a strong performance, finishing in 3:10:14. Following behind was the trio of Erin Masterson (3:23:53), Dawn… Read More »

NOVA Team Profile: Betty Blank

PRs 1 mile 5:26 5k 18:53 8k 30:43 10k 39:26 10 miles 64:50 1/2 marathon 1:24:30 Marathon 3:02:00 52 marathons 32 Triathlons 3 Half Ironman Triathlons Betty was a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines for 17 years. While she was based in New York, a guy named Bob Girgus came into the crew lounge and said he needed… Read More »

NOVA Team Profile: Jay Jacob Wind

PRs Jay Jacob Wind photo: Jay Wind 100m: 13:08 200m: 29:03 400m: 60.9 800m: 2:14 1500m: 4:28 Mile: 4:44 3000m: 9:37 2 Mile: 10:15 3 Mile: 15:18 5k: 15:45 4 Mile: 21:38 5 Mile: 26:25 10k: 2:37 15k: 51:03 10 Mile: 52:42 20k: 69:45 Half Marathon: 1:13:18 20 Miles: 1:52:00 Marathon: 2:27:25 50 Miles: 6:16:15 Jay Jacob Wind… Read More »

NOVA Team Profile: Dave Wertz

PRs 5K: 15:16 8k:  25:57 10k: 31:58 10 Mile: 53:21 Seven years ago, before he became the elite runner we know him as today, Dave Wertz had no formal background in running, and limited his workouts to a little jogging to stay in shape. Fast forward to 2013, and Dave is burning up the track and the roads… Read More »

NOVA Team Profile: Justin Buenaflor

PRs 5K: 20:12 8K: 35:48 10 Mile: 1:12:24 Marathon: 3:56:47 Justin began his running journey in high school when, as a freshman, he needed to do something to keep him busy until the spring tennis season. He signed up for cross country in the fall and indoor track for the winter. He instantly fell in love with running,… Read More »

NOVA Team Profile: Bob Weiner

PRs Mile 4:26.5 Half Mile: 1:56.9 Bob Weiner joined NOVA in 1975.  An active member of the DC running community, he currently serves a Chair of the Masters Media Committee for USA Track and Field and is on the executive committee of Masters Track and Field. This year he won USA Track and Field’s highest national service award… Read More »

NOVA Team Profile: Aagje Engel

PRs 800m: 2:32.6 5k: 19:26 Dutch Diesel Before coming to the United States, Aagje Engel’s running friends in the Netherlands used to call her “the Diesel.” She earned this nickname because, while she couldn’t accelerate very fast, she could keep a steady pace for many miles. In the winter of 2009, her husband got stationed in the DC area, and… Read More »

NOVA Team Profile: David Bernard

PRs 1600m: 4:42 3k: 9:08 5k: 15:58 10k: 33:06 10 Mile: 55:08 Marathon: 3:48:57 David Bernard has been running for nearly 35 years.  A native of Maine, he started out running in a summer recreational track program and enjoyed it enough that he ran cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track throughout junior high, high school and college. … Read More »

NOVA Team Profile: Katie Tomlinson

  PRs: 5k: 18:41 half marathon: 1:27 marathon: 3:01 Katie grew up in South Jersey as a swimmer and soccer player before taking up running in seventh grade. Inspired by her mother, who has run several marathons, Katie inevitably developed a love for longer distances. Katie continued to run throughout high school and in a running club while… Read More »

NOVA Team Profile: Erin Masterson

PRs 800m: 2:15.2 1500m: 4:40.3 Mile: 5:03 5k: 18:28.7 5 Mile: 32:48 10k: 40:05 10 Mile: 1:05:57 Half Marathon: 1:31.2 Marathon: 3:14.21 Erin Masterson started running at the advanced age of 7. Growing up in Annapolis, MD, she was recruited to the Annapolis Junior Striders, a fledgling running club started by her dad as an offshoot of the flagship… Read More »