The 2023 holiday season is upon us! Please consider including NOVA Running Club in your charitable giving this holiday season. From November 28 to December 31, we will be holding a donation drive to raise funds for our club, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, to support our operating costs for the upcoming year. These operating costs include (but are not limited to) – RRCA club insurance, website/newsletter hosting fees, club events, and Coach Jerry.

2021 Team Photo

Our club is VERY lucky to have Coach Jerry on staff. One of the most experienced and exceptional coaches in all of the DC area, Coach Jerry’s skilled expertise in designing the weekly track workouts, his presence working with each and every one of us at Tuesday practices, and the time he spends each day answering emails, assisting in training plans, and providing pep talks to members going into big races, is invaluable.

Even larger than that, however, is the legitimacy Coach Jerry provides to NOVA through his decades of experience, his skill in coaching runners from “hobby joggers” into elite talents, his compassion and concern for every member of the team, and his charisma, charm, and stunning fashion sense. These are all reasons why many people show up to practice in the first place. So you see, Jerry’s involvement with NOVA goes well beyond timing at the track.

Please show your appreciation for the NOVA Running Club, Coach Jerry, and everything the club does for all of us, by donating to NOVA today.