Personal Records:
  • 1:58.09 800
  • 3:59.47 1500
  • 9:05 3K
  • 15:49 5K
  • 32:25 10K
  • 55:04 10Mile
  • 1:13:40 1/2 Marathon
  • 2:44:21 Marathon

Greg Swiatocha began his running career in 8th grade cross country when one of his classmates told him he was fast and should run track. Little did he know, cross-country was not the same as track … and he was not fast. After demonstrating his prowess in the middle school mile (10:30), he decided to continue his success in high school cross-country (5K). He went undefeated in 9th grade against the “saggin’ wagon,” eventually chipping his 5K down to 27:30. However, very hard work, consistency, perseverance (and perhaps stubbornness) are key to running success.

Fast forward years later and Greg went on to run Division I Track and Cross-Country at Lafayette College. Following a few post-collegiate years spent running the New York track racing scene, where he achieved an all-time PR in the 800m, Greg moved to the DC area in 2013. He has continued his running career with NOVA, where he served as President, Vice President, and Membership Coordinator. He hopes a few more all-time PRs are in the books for him and plans to focus on the 10-mile and above distances.


The Treasurer is responsible for preparing the annual NOVA club budget and financial forecasting; managing the bank deposits; club payments and expense management; submitting tax forms to the IRS, working with Gear Coordinator to coordinate payments/reimbursement for gear inventory/orders; working with Resource Coordinator to develop fundraising plans; working with the Special Events Coordinator to submit payment or reimbursement for event-related expenses, and making financial information available to Board members and the public upon request.

Required Qualifications: Active participation in the club for a minimum of one year*.

Key Qualifications: Sound understanding of basic financial management practices; ability to keep track of and manage accurate club financial information in tools such as Excel, attention to detail, promptness and timeliness with paying bills and reimbursements. Must be willing to submit a background check.